I wonder how a snowman would feel in summer

We’re all thinking about summer when it’s winter, and we all just can’t wait to take off that super warm cozy jacket and the tones of socks and replace them with crop tops and short skinny jeans. But not the snowmen.

Snowmen don’t think about summer. Snowmen don’t enjoy sun and hot weather. Snowmen don’t want to wear crop tops…but hey, they don’t have to wear jackets either! Maybe that’s why they don’t understand us, humans. They don’t feel the cold, but they surely feel the heat. Although when they feel it, it’s too late for them. When a snowman dies in spring, at the funeral you see the word “melted” written on the tombstone. Pity.

So a snowman can enjoy cold, rejoice in winter, sing songs for Christmas, play with snowballs and breathe deadly cold air. But how would he feel in summer?

It’s unusual to see a snowman at the beach in the middle of July, but so does he think. When he is forced to go out there and get some beautiful tan, he always makes sure of all the precaution ways possible. He steals an umbrella from an old lady obsessed with rain, he “borrows” some nasty kid’s sunglasses so the heat won’t affect his eyesight, takes out a cigarette from his drawer and he assures that the lemonade guy is left out of ice, so he could have enough to keep him “cold” at the beach. And there he goes, frustrated and nervous, not knowing what fate has in store for him.

There’s nothing you can say to a snowman that will make him feel better in summer. Only the fact that it’s better if he dies. Later on, when he realizes that the tanning is happening, all the ice melted on his skin and the umbrella doesn’t really help with the shadows, he surrends himself to the deadly sun rays, screaming out his last prayer and pointing up his opinion upon seasons, a monologue that sounds something like this:

Oh maleficent, cruel season, you took away everything good from the snowpeople, you took away our hope and our joy. And the most stupid thing you did, was to believe that you won! Hah, you didn’t win yet. Remember, winter is always deadlier, but better; colder, but softer; heavier, but more useful. It builds up character and physical strength. Remember, we, the snowmen, know when to stop, where to head, and what to say. You have not won yet! There’s another winter coming next. And then there’s the time when we…!

and then he melts.

Yea, snowmen never have enough time to finish their speech, before the cruel, merciless heat burns them to the ground and proves them that the Sun always has the last word to say, when the Sun is at his home: the summer season.

Hey guys! Haha this was such a random article. I hope you enjoyed it, I tried to be funny lol. 

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What I eat in a day, part 3

So here’s part 3 (and the last part) of the first series on my blog. If you haven’t checked part 1 and part 2 of these series just click on them and enjoy! Don’t forget to like this article and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already 😉

I know I’ve usually started with breakfast in the last two series, but I think now I’m just going to make a list of what healthy things I managed to eat since the last article. We’re going to start with foods on-the-go. These are the best when you are in a hurry or when you just have no freaking idea what to eat, or if your mom is gone or busy so you just stay there waiting for a godly miracle that some images of new type of foods will come in your mind, so that you won’t starve to death 🙂

  1. Toasted bread with cottage cheese (or any type of low-fat cheese), tomatoes and eggs19339783_774333916060394_1695695360_o.pngIf you’re insecure of the benefits of toasted bread instead of normal bread, check out this link. I’ve been trying to give up on bread, but it took the longest time as I can’t find any better options for going to school, but as it is currently summer holidays I can’t wait to ”cure” myself from this bad habit called ”white flour”, though toasted bread is better than nothing, and it also adds protein from that egg. This is also a good on-the-go food for when you’re hurrying up your meal.

        2. Salted biscuits with tomatoes, cucumber and cheese 

19264259_774333859393733_874995032_o.pngThis is something I’ve made up myself, but it surprisingly tastes pretty awesome! I’ve been loving the salted biscuits for a while, and I’m obsessed with combining them with spreadable cheese. It will not take more than 3 minutes to prepare all the goods.

3. Bruschettes 19359185_774334422727010_1003675322_oI think everyone already knows how to make this delicious piece of little heaven. It’s easy to remember: toast, garlic, tomatoes. Toast a bread, combine the garlic with tomatoes and add a little olive oil if you’d like, salt it a bit and spread on the bread.  There you go! A delicious on-the-go meal that’ll take no more than 5 minutes to make.

4. Waffles19340071_774334262727026_1518944106_oWe all love waffles. But if you add a banana and natural yogurt (up to 3% fats)  you will feel like you’re being served in a luxury restaurant. Though they have a little sugar, it will not matter if it’s less than 15g. I usually have this for an on-the-go breakfast and it’s absolutely amazing.

5. Vegetable pancakes with fruit19339897_774334249393694_1133015777_o.jpgThis is honestly the most amazing thing I’ve ever had for breakfast. These pancakes are filled with all kinds of veggies, baked on steam and added some garlic and yogurt paste above. Combining it with any fruits you like (I chose strawberries) makes it the best food you’ll ever taste. NOTE: These are Romanian pancakes. You can find the recipe here.

All of these on-the-go meals are amazing, but sometimes we need to just sit down and prepare our meal, carefully and patiently, without urging our time. For these times we need to make sure that our meals stay healthy, especially if we take more than 10 minutes on cooking them. Here are a few healthy-baked foods:

  1. Peas with baby carrots and fish19243827_774334372727015_1633049717_oI’ve been obsessed with this food for dinner. Just boil those veggies, prepare your fish meat (I usually choose salmon or herring) and add lemon to make it even tastier!

2. Cooked veggies 19263922_774334346060351_1114961838_oPick all the veggies you like (I chose zucchini, tomatoes, green and red pepper and mushrooms), cook them until they are well fried and there you go! I’ve also had chicken grill for that meal and I filled it with cabbage, cucumbers, tomato sauce and carrots. It is very tasty!


For before workout there are several things you can try. From whole grain toast + egg and banana with Greek yogurt to fruit smoothies and rice with broccoli, there are many particular things you can have for before workout. I’m only going to insert here what I’ve had for pre-workout the last day. 19264192_774333979393721_1107455697_o.pngA bowl with oatmeal, natural yogurt and banana slices is great for before workout, gives you energy and boost up your strength.

For after workout is necessary to have proteins, like banana, fruits, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt with granola, boiled eggs, chicken or fish, or vegetables.

At first I chose fruits, but then I felt like I’ve had too many for before and after so I was thinking more about a vegetable mix with eggs and corn. Both options are delicious and you really feel energized after a full 30 minutes of sweating like a pro! 😉


After a week of healthy eating I allow myself to have a little treat, a sweet thing, something that makes my heart rejoice, because I’m on a no-sugar diet so I never eat sweets before a week of healthy eating. 19349473_774334266060359_1904768353_oThis is a way of combining healthy with sweetie. Bananas, strawberries and chocolate syrup are the best! Of course, let’s not talk about that kinder-bueno donut across the street. I swear it leaves my mouth watery every time I think about it 😀LX52AHZxo7iUJR8mq8cX

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Cum să călătoreşti mult cu bani puţini

Multă lume visează să călătorească peste tot, să viziteze cât mai mult ca să aibă ce povesti nepoţilor şi, de ce nu, prietenilor. Deci, vrei să faci o tură a Americii de Nord dar mereu eşti preocupat de buzunar? Simţi că te atrage spiritul nomadic al călătoriei spre lumile orientale, dar crezi că nu ai avea niciodată şansa de a-ţi permite să vizitezi o ţară din Asia? Află că există câteva moduri în care nu eşti nevoit să cheltui prea mult, ba chiar te-ai putea întoarce acasa şi cu bani în buzunar, pe lângă experienţe de neuitat. Iată câteva dintre aceste metode:

1. Economiseşte bani înainte să călătoreşti

Există oameni care nu ştiu ce vor să facă pe viitor, şi când le vine mintea la cap şi vor să plece în mai multe vacanţe, se trezesc că nu au resursele necesare ca să îşi pună planul în aplicare, pentru că înainte nu le-a păsat deloc de modul în care făceau bani. Una din cele mai bune idei pentru călătoritul ieftin este să te limitezi la un gadget mai accesibil, nu de ultimă generaţie, care în acelaşi timp este şi bun. Eventual dacă îţi aduni bani pentru un aparat foto de calitate ai putea conserva toate amintirile din vacanţe acolo. Ştiu că în ziua de azi e greu să nu fi printre cei care ne scot ochii cu telefoane de ultimă generaţie, dar să fim serioşi, mai de grabă ai vedea cascada Niagara în realitate, nu doar pe Google Earth şi Images 😉

2. Moteluri, nu hoteluri

Toată lumea ştie că o cameră de hotel pe noapte costă în jur de 200 de lei, în România. Nu ştiu dacă ceea ce numesc ei “condiţii de lux” merită sau nu investiţia. Ceea ce ştiu sigur este că dacă vrei să călătoreşti mult, nu contează la fel de mult condiţiile în care stai. Tot ce ai nevoie este un pat şi un acoperiş deasupra capului şi, bineînţeles, siguranţă. Toţi nomazii care se respectă preferă să stea la un motel (hostel) unde costurile sunt mult mai accesibile (30-50 de lei) şi să economisească bani pentru alte călătorii, astfel putând să meargă din ţară-n ţară. Dacă în schimb eşti mai pretenţios, atunci va trebui să te asiguri că ai ceva teanc de bani adunaţi de-a lungul timpului şi să te gândeşti că s-ar putea să-i cheltui toţi doar pe camerele de hotel.

3. Ai grijă la necesităţi

Am putea crede că avem neapărat nevoie de acea brăţară cu inscripţii indiene, şi că o vom purta mereu pe braţul nostru ultra bronzat de soarele Maldivelor, dar cu toţii ştim că acea brăţară va ajunge în cele din urmă sa fie aruncată într-un sertar din dormitor sau uitată în nu ştiu care autobuz în drum spre şcoală sau la locul de muncă. Problema cea mai mare este că te-a costat 20 de dolari, şi asta doar pentru că “se spunea” că a fost făcută de un mare şef de trib indian din secolul XVIII. 20 de dolari sunt mulţi bani pentru români, astfel ar trebui să fim mai atenţi pe ce îi cheltuim. Cu acei bani ai putea să-ţi iei nişte haine tradiţionale sau ceva tematic specific locului în care te afli, şi astfel la sfârşitul călătoriei vei avea câte un lucru tematic din fiecare ţară şi ar putea fi o colecţie mult mai valoroasă pentru tine şi mult mai accesibilă.

4. Alege transportul public

Benzina ne costă mult ca să mergem în toate locaţiile dorite dintr-o anumită ţară, iar dacă mergem cu avionul ar putea fi mai scump şi nu la fel de benefic, fiindcă nu ai ocazia să vezi tot ce vrei din ţările peste care zbori. Mereu am considerat că maşina e cea mai benefică modalitate de a vizita cât mai mult, dar în acelaşi timp benzina costă. Mai rău e dacă ne costă în euro… Astfel, ţi-ai putea lăsa maşina în parcarea de la motel (sau hotel) şi dacă locul unde vrei să mergi nu este în celălalt capăt al ţării, ai putea foarte bine să iei autobuzul sau chiar să faci autostopul, aceste lucruri fiind mereu mai ieftine, dar în acelaşi timp nu uita să îţi iei toate măsurile de siguranţă, pentru că, până la urmă, asta contează cel mai mult. Cu banii pe care ai refuzat să îi cheltui pe benzină poţi acum să te răsfeţi la un restaurant de lux având mâncare specifică zonei, şi acest lucru este uimitor, mai ales dacă te afli într-o ţară exotică unde mâncarea este mereu o aventură.

5. Poate că ar trebui să-ţi rezervi locul din timp

De obicei cu cât îl vezi mai repede cu atât mai bine. În majoritatea cazurilor, dacă vrei să-ţi rezervi un loc într-o pensiune sau hotel, poţi da banii doar la locul cu pricina, ceea ce te scuteşte de o grămadă de îndoieli. Cel mai bun site pentru astfel de lucruri (după părerea mea) este Booking. Un lucru bun este că poţi renunţa oricând la rezervare, fără să fi plătit vreun ban. Dacă în oraşul tău există şi târg de turism, şi acolo ai şanse mari să găseşti reduceri ademenitoare.

6. Planuieşte totul din timp

Acesta e cel mai important lucru şi mai ales pentru că vrei să ştii unde te vei duce, nu poţi să pleci pur şi simplu cât vezi cu ochii fără să îţi constitui un “plan de vacanţă”. Fă o listă cu toate locurile pe care vrei să le vezi şi cu banii pe care crezi/hotărăşti că ii vei cheltui în fiecare locaţie. Astfel vei ţine cont de ce ai în portofel şi nu vei exagera. Dar nu uita să fii realist. Dacă ai în buget 2000 de euro nu ar fi cazul să te gândeşti la o croazieră în jurul Atlanticului cu oprire în Bahamas. Acest lucru costă “puţin mai mult”. În schimb, ar fi de ajuns pentru a vedea plajele legendare din Grecia, splendoarea Barcelonei sau chiar să ai parte de o cină romantică sub Turnul Eiffel. Orice vei alege, nu uita să te distrezi şi să fii tot timpul mulţumitor!

Vorba aceea, “more is yet to come”. Aşa că fii sigur pe tine şi investeşte înţelept în cel mai atractiv hobby al zilelor noastre! 😉

Dacă ţi-a plăcut articolul nu uita să dai like şi comment. De asemenea îl poţi distribui mai departe. Iar dacă nu eşti abonat la blogul meu, apasă butonul din josul paginii pentru a fi la curent cu noile postări! Have a great day! 🙂

A great experience!

NOTE: Dedicated to all the Dutch friends I’ve met this week, especially to Lisa, my Dutch girl 😉

This week was one of the best in my entire life! It was the first time when I took part of our school’s partnership with Calvijn College from Goes, Netherlands, and it was amazing! I was only sorry I didn’t participate in this earlier, but I promised to myself that from now on I will do this every year until I finish high school, and maybe even after that.

So like every year from the past 25 years, some Dutch students from Goes came to my homeland, Cluj, to spend a few days with their host-families. I was one of their host this time. I got to meet a very pretty and sweet Dutch girl named Lisa, with whom I hope I will remain in touch for many, many years from now on because she was awesome! The relationships I’ve built with their students and even with some of our students I think it’s irreplaceable. I got to talk with people from my school that I never thought I will ever be in a conversation with. I’m so glad I’ve done this!

With the Dutch people we’ve had many trips and a lot of fun! We went to Alba Iulia and saw a great role-play of a battle between Dacians and Romans, we went to the salt mine in Turda, up to Turda Keys among difficult roads, to the botanical garden in Cluj and of course, shopping! They were around 70 and we, the Romanians, were around 50, so we needed 2 big buses and a small one to fit. Sometimes we’d just be walking, if it was no far destination.

2017-05-13 12.36.21.jpg
the mighty Roman soldiers, representation in Alba Iulia, 5th May 2017

The road-trip on the Keys was one of the hardest things I’ve done, due to my leg problem (ACL injury)  but it was also super fun and a great opportunity to take some awesome pictures. 20170509_142432.jpg

Before we had to climb to the huge rocks, we had a huge picnic at the rock’s hem.

The food was great. We were surrounded by teachers, strangers and Dutch people, and we had so much fun trying to keep our mouths shut while we saw that our guests were the first who received the food. ”Guests go first”, they said. So we had to wait with our mouth watering there 😀

Turda Keys are awesome! I’ve never actually been there until that day, I only saw them from a long distance while driving around by car, and I remember I used to take a picture of them zooming in my phone to be able to catch it right. Now there was no need to do that, I could finally zoom out, because I was right at their feet!img_20170510_075135_739-e1494669305548.jpg

When we finished our meal, we had no other option but start our very difficult trip. When we got to where we had 300 meters left, we finally decided that it wasn’t so hard after all. But we had passed around 4 dangerous bridges, walked among big stones and between two sides of huge forest. Such great greenness.

After these trips we went back home, all the way tired and ready to sleep.

The Dutch had to leave on Thursday, 11th May, so for them we had prepared a huge party in the Wednesday evening. We had so much food and we were all so sociable that night. We were gathered in our school’s chapel and we sang, we talked, we clapped, we screamed and shouted of joy, we embraced our friends and we ate a lot!

I also got Dutch sweets from my sweetie dutch-friend! Thank you sweetie dutch-friend!😄❤ (the Stroop Wafels tho!😱)

The following day we had to be in our school’s yard at 7.30 am to bring our dutch people to their buses. We were all together in the big yard, Romanians and Dutch, waiting for the buses, talking with each other for the last time, hoping we will see each other again in a trip like this. After our principle and their amazing principle had their speech, the buses came. We had to help our friends bring the luggage in the bus and say goodbye to everyone. 20170511_081335.jpg

I almost cried when I hugged my girl and everyone else, but I kept the hope in me that I will go to Netherlands in September, with our choir team. It would be the best trip ever and I really hope I will go there, and around Europe too! They will let us know who’s going at the end of this school year, in June.

So that was it, my first experience with this partners. It was great to be involved in another culture and to be hosting a new friend; I can gladly say it was worth the tiresome, the struggle, the sacrifice, and I will happily do this again next year! 🙂

Top 10 cool things to do in summer

As the most perfect (and my favorite) season is getting closer day by day, I’m sure most people – especially teenagers – wonder what to do in the 3 months of laziness, sunbathing and relaxing atmosphere. I was wondering the same these days, so I got a paper and a pen and I wrote down my bucket list or to do list of 100 things for summer. Here I’m going to point out the top 10 of what most people love to do in this period.

1. Travel

Even if, for some people, traveling wasn’t always a choice because the lack of money, it’s still on the top of the list because it’s my favorite. If traveling was free, you’d never see me again. That’s for sure, and I keep saying that :)) Honestly, it’s what I love the most. But you can travel with just a few money in the pocket, too. For example, you can go in the nearest town or neighborhood or climb a hill you’ve never been on and get amazed by the landscape. Take shoots of everything you see and keep a journal with all your summer photos. Take a friend with you and with this you have the opportunity to socialize more.download

2. Summer cleaning/garage sale

This doesn’t mean you are going to sale the garage, but you are going to do something even more gainful. Summer time gives you the perfect opportunity to go through all your old toys and clothes and get rid of what you don’t need any more. Instead of boxing it up and storing it for months in your basement or attic, you can put it straight into your garage sale and earn some extra money for Starbucks and water parks!garage-sale.jpg

3. Water fight!

It’s hot. You have a few friends gathered altogether with you and you’ve got nothing to do. You’ve got your garden or the nearest park there. What’s the solution? Water fight! Either with balloons – which can’t be too expensive – or just a big water hose (like those you have in the shower). This also works with bottles and buckets, and the bonus is you will have a bigger water jet going out! I promise this is a lot of fun, but make sure your phone or your camera or laptop is nowhere around, because you don’t want to turn your water fight into family fight =)water-fight

4. Picnic time!

Outside lunches are the best. It’s warm and pleasant, you can hear the birds singing and the dogs begging you to give them some treats. At this time, a picnic is a great idea. Gather some of your friends or family, make some food, put them all together, get a blanket and head out the door! Find a great green spot with peaceful ambiance and relaxing atmosphere and you’re good to go! (or to eat). Lay under a tree and enjoy the tasty meals, share the goods between you all and talk about nonsense. It’s a great way to relax and create a summer vibe!Picnic and hamper beside tree in meadow

5. Decorate your walls

During school time you are not in mood to do something like a big change or you may not have enough time, sometimes not even on weekends. Decorating your room the way you like is so beneficial even mentally, and it gives you a great feeling of freedom, independence and confidence. Try something in a single color, like blue, for example. Hang some photos with the sea, ocean, beach and surfing. You can stick photos with yourself dressed in cool clothes for a better mood. After all, it’s your bedroom, you can do whatever you like, in whatever theme you fancy! If you have a roommate or a sibling with you, negotiate with him/her and create an image you will both love, without fighting.photo-decor-woohome-0

6. Make a playlist with the best summer hits

Even if it’s on your phone, a Cd or a stick, the best summer songs need to be put somewhere safe, so that when you want to remember the summer times you can just listen to those songs and you will feel great again. Here is a list with some of my favorite summer songs:

-”She looks so perfect”, 5 Seconds of Summer

-”Rockabye”, Clean Bandit

-”Don’t let me down”, Daya

-”Galway Girl”, Ed Sheeran

-”Love myself”, Hailee Steinfield

-”Drive”, Halsey

-”Slow”, Halsey

-”You don’t know me”, Jax Jones

-”Rude”, Magic

-”Thumbs”, Sabrina Carpenter

-”Feel my love”, White Lynx

-”Stay”, Alessia Cara

Once in a lifetime”, Johan Glossner

-”Closer”, the Chainsmokers & Halsey … and the list could go on =Dsongs_of_summer_header1

7. Swim with your clothes on

For once, don’t worry about your clothes anymore, you can wash them later anyways. Don’t think it costed you $100 or more, just lay it all down and get wild! Jump off a riff or a rock and get into the water. Take a boomerang on Instagram with your legs splashing all over =D It’s really fun!6134488902_582169b696_b.jpg

8. Make a ”day without phone”

It’s always addicting to stay on your phone too much, and when it’s bad weather, rainy or cloudy, I never feel like doing anything, so I just lay on my phone, checking out Instagram and YouTube for the longest time. Summer is a great opportunity to try a different thing and get rid of the addiction! You have all you need: sunny times, hot weather, warm wind and good vibes! Take a day off, put your phone behind or leave it at home and go out there and spread your wings to the sun and back! Do different kind of activities that you enjoy, like bowling or horse riding or even something extreme like parachuting (I love that!). Have fun for 24 hours and forget the little screen. Live life to its fullest!it_photo_123502

9. Breakfast in bed

How many times during school days you were just so lazy to get out of bed and do something, you wished you could have a kitchen in your bedroom, you wished your mom would give you food without you having to do anything, or you didn’t even have time to eat your breakfast before school? Well those days are over! Now you don’t have to hurry anywhere except from enjoying life. Of course it’s better to go outside in summer, but why not have a breakfast bed before anything else? You can have a mixed meal with strawberries or pomegranate, pancakes with ice cream on them and a cup of iced mochaccino. Try this recipe here. I’m sure you will love this! Just don’t forget to finish your breakfast and do something more productive after that; don’t remain in bed just because you love to relish your good-looking meal 😉breakfast.gif

10. The ”color run”

This is really awesome for those who love being surrounded by colors and like to get dirty a bit. Get some paint tubes (I’m sure they are not too expensive), have some friends that you can run with, set a target and until you get to that target ask other friends to splash you with the colors as you run. You can make a competition and set goals and gifts for the winners. Or you can just have a ”color fight” and splash yourselves with the paint. It’ll go out your body after all, don’t worry about that. And don’t be afraid to walk out like that, especially if you are with your friends; it’s something fun and creative so even if people will stare, who cares, at least you have the balls to do something new and innovative!event_262592782

Tell me what are your ”must-do” things for summer. Leave me comments with your plans, ideas or requests and I promise I will read and reply to all of them! I hope you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to like it and follow me if you haven’t already. Have a great day and an even greater summer!

What I eat in a day, part 2

Hello guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I’ve been gone to another city for the Salem Conference which by the way was so fun and I’m just glad I took a few days off to relax, with my sister and brother-in-law too.

But now I’m finally back and I’m finally writing the part 2 of the ”what I eat in a day” series. If you haven’t seen the first article, you can click the link above! 🙂 Now let’s get started!


So as you may know – or maybe you don’t know – I like to have an easy-made breakfast, with proteins and goodies. This weekend I kind of messed up the healthy eating, but now I’m back on my feet and this morning I prepared my own very good omelette with vegetables (”veggie omelette” – here is the recipe). It was super tasty and consistent.2017-04-25 11.28.09 I also added some bananas to make a mixed meal, and then I added tomatoes to make the taste even better.

It didn’t last too long to make it. It’s actually super fast and easy. Eggs got protein and all the veggies just make it so healthy. I promise you won’t gain weight by eating this everyday :))

Another thing you can have if you want to switch meals, is a milk bowl with frozen fruits and oats. I’ve actually had it this weekend when I wasn’t home. It wasn’t bad, even though I didn’t add any sugar. Before I started caring for my body I used to add Nesquik, which is cocoa with lots of sugar. Or instead I’d just put some honey, but that is also super sweet, even if it’s natural. I kind of cut the sweets out of my list because I realized that without them I’m not as tired anymore, I have more energy and I also lose plenty of weight.

But sometimes I’m too lazy to cook so I just make a smoothie, usually green smoothie or banana smoothie. But now as the strawberries came in the season – I couldn’t wait! – I’m sure I’m going to make more strawberry and banana smoothies, with no sugar, though these are the sweetest fruits ever but, eh, they’re my favorites!


The lunch is so mixed to me most of the time. Other times I don’t even know what to have. I usually come up with an idea at the moment, I don’t prepare stuff in my mind a day before. That’s not so good, I know, but at least it’s super tasty! :p 2017-04-25 11.55.00This is one of the tastiest and best lunches I’ve ever had! It’s a veggie salad with green salad, red pepper (not hot), tomatoes and corn, with half an egg, tzatziki sauce and chicken grill. My sister made the sauce, but with no garlic this time (cuz we didn’t have any at that time), but it was good because I don’t like hot food/tastes. Everything tasted awesome and I wasn’t hungry anymore until late at night.

Another good thing for breakfast are muffins! They were made to be for breakfast, but they contain veggies and eggs and it’s really consistent, which makes it hard to eat for breakfast. But is a great deal for lunch! 20170219_102225.jpg

I only made a few, because It was just me and my parents so I didn’t have to fill all the holes. You can find the recipe here. It’s not hard to make and it’s very tasty and healthy!


Dinner is usually very good and it used to be my favorite part of the day. Now I think I like all of them. Dinner meals are very mixed and you can basically switch things easily when you are bored with just one type of food. But remember if you want to do some workout, wait at least 30 minutes after you’ve had dinner, so you won’t throw everything up.20170213_152310.jpgSo this is spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken grill. It’s honestly my favorite type of food. I would have this every single day if it was more ”allowed”. All pasta are rich in amidon (starch), the sauce is just great and the chicken is a bonus of animal protein.

All these foods are not bad at all, are also healthy and not hard to cook. Even while writing this I’m starting to feel hungry and gather my spit all together. That’s probably because I should have lunch right now.

So I’ve shown you all these meals now, but what about some snack?

This chips only contain vegetables and some fruits only. It’s basically very tasty and it can replace the well-known too salted chips we would eat everyday because it’s so ”good”. But it’s actually that good because of the plenty condiments they have. Your stomach will thank you if you eat this instead Lays or who knows what else. Also the fruit cake was a very deserved dessert. Even if I cut sweets, I’m still having probably a day in a week when I allow myself to have a little sweet treat.

So this was all for today! I hope you loved it. Don’t forget to like this article, follow me and comment if you enjoyed it or if you want to try some of these recipes, let me know how it goes 😉 Have a nice day and stay tunned for the next post!


Adevărul despre ,,Paște”


Sunt sigură că perioada Paștelor este un timp favorabil și fericit, mai ales pentru tinerii elevi care se bucură de doua săptămâni glorioase de vacanță (yay!) Mă gândeam recent la motivul pentru care celebrăm noi Paștele, și la faptul că nu sunt sigură că am mai fi avut vacanță dacă nu s-ar fi întâmplat ceva nemaipomenit la primul Paște, nu?

Ei bine, sper că vă place istoria, fiindcă vom parcurge puțin din povestea primului Paște. În primul rând, cred că ar fi înțelept să menționez că nu este tocmai corect să numim sărbătoarea ,,Paște”, sau cel puțin nu în condiția în care ne referim la învierea lui Isus. România este o țară 92% creștină, și totuși de Paște încă se crede că tăierea mielului e importantă, iar oamenii încă îmi spun să ,,pasc fericită”… Sau că atunci s-a născut Isus și tot felul de alte minunății. Ei bine, sărbătorii acesteia corect ar fi să-i spunem ,,Înviere”, căci noi tocmai acest lucru îl sărbătorim.

Și atunci, ce este Paștele? Paștele s-a întâmplat cu mulți ani în urmă, pe vremea lui Moise, când copiii lui Israel erau robi în Egipt. Dumnezeu a trebuit să trimită cele 10 urgii ca să-l facă pe faraon să-i lase pe evrei să plece în Țara Promisă (Canaan). Ultima dintre cele 10 urgii a fost uciderea de către îngerul morții a tuturor întâilor născuți ai egiptenilor. Pentru ca evreii și copiii lor să fie protejați, ei trebuiau să îndeplinească un anumit număr de sarcini: trebuiau să înjunghie un miel curat, fără pată sau boală, să stropească cu sângele lui streșina de sus a ușilor lor, și să mănânce numai frunze amare ca să-și amintească tot. (Exod 12)

Sângele mielului jertfit de deasupra ușii arăta că cineva a murit deja în acea casă, astfel că nu mai era nevoie să moară și întâiul născut. Acest lucru l-au povestit evreii copiilor lor până în ziua de azi, iar acum Mielul de jertă care a murit pentru păcatele noastre este Isus, astfel că noi nu mai trebuie să murim. A fost un dar, un sacrifiu imens, făcut de dragul nostru! Cu siguranță evreii au avut ce sărbători când au scăpat din robia egipteană, iar noi acum sărbătorim eliberarea din robia păcatului, ceea ce este un lucru și mai minunat!


I’m sure that the Easter season is a happy one, especially for the young students who are having holidays. I was recently thinking about the reason why we celebrate Easter and the fact that I’m pretty sure we would have no holidays if something really amazing wouldn’t have happened on the first day of Easter in the history, right?

Well I hope you like history, because we will cross a bit of the tale of the first Easter, or more correctly said, the Passover. I think it’s not right to call it Easter if we want to refer to Jesus’s resurrection, because Easter is a totally opposite thing. My country, Romania, is considered as being a 92% Christian country, though some people still believe that lamb meat is the most important, or that Jesus was born on Easter day, or other kind of stupid wonders. Well, I think it’s wiser to call this feast the Resurrection, because this is in fact what we celebrate, right?

So what is the Passover then? In the English language there are more ways to call this feast: Easter and Passover. First we’re going to talk about the Passover. It all started a long while before Jesus came on earth. It began with the Jewish people captive in the egyptian slavery. God had to force the pharaoh to let the Jews head to the Promise Land (Canaan) so He had sent the 10 plagues to convince him. The last one of them was the killing of all first borns in the egyptian families. For the Jews to be saved from this, they had to do several things: they had to sacrifice a pure, stainless lamb, paint the upper side of their doors with its blood, and eat only sour foods to remember everything. (Exodus 12)

The blood on the door showed that someone had already died in that house, so there was no need for the first born to die anymore. The Jews have told thin thing to their children and grandchildren until today, and the sacrificial Lamb who died for our sins is Jesus Christ, so we don’t have to die anymore. It was a gift, a huge sacrifice made because of His love for us. The Jews had a good reason to celebrate for sure, when they escaped from the egyptian slavery, and now we celebrate the freedom from the slavery of sin, which is an even more awesome thing!

What about Easter? Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. Her symbols (like the egg and the bunny) were and still are fertility and sex symbols (or did you actually think eggs and bunnies had anything to do with the resurrection?). After Constantine decided to Christianize the Empire, Easter was changed to represent Jesus. But at its roots, Easter (which is how you pronounce Ishtar) is all about celebrating fertility and sex.

This is Ishtar…

Pretty shocking, huh? Well apparently we’ve been using this word all the way wrong. At least now we know. So what are you going to do about this? Still gonna use it wrong?

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it relatable and useful. Please don’t forget to like and comment if you enjoyed it. Also you can share this so others can see the truth about Easter, too. God bless you all! 😉