I wonder how a snowman would feel in summer

We’re all thinking about summer when it’s winter, and we all just can’t wait to take off that super warm cozy jacket and the tones of socks and replace them with crop tops and short skinny jeans. But not the snowmen.

Snowmen don’t think about summer. Snowmen don’t enjoy sun and hot weather. Snowmen don’t want to wear crop tops…but hey, they don’t have to wear jackets either! Maybe that’s why they don’t understand us, humans. They don’t feel the cold, but they surely feel the heat. Although when they feel it, it’s too late for them. When a snowman dies in spring, at the funeral you see the word “melted” written on the tombstone. Pity.

So a snowman can enjoy cold, rejoice in winter, sing songs for Christmas, play with snowballs and breathe deadly cold air. But how would he feel in summer?

It’s unusual to see a snowman at the beach in the middle of July, but so does he think. When he is forced to go out there and get some beautiful tan, he always makes sure of all the precaution ways possible. He steals an umbrella from an old lady obsessed with rain, he “borrows” some nasty kid’s sunglasses so the heat won’t affect his eyesight, takes out a cigarette from his drawer and he assures that the lemonade guy is left out of ice, so he could have enough to keep him “cold” at the beach. And there he goes, frustrated and nervous, not knowing what fate has in store for him.

There’s nothing you can say to a snowman that will make him feel better in summer. Only the fact that it’s better if he dies. Later on, when he realizes that the tanning is happening, all the ice melted on his skin and the umbrella doesn’t really help with the shadows, he surrends himself to the deadly sun rays, screaming out his last prayer and pointing up his opinion upon seasons, a monologue that sounds something like this:

Oh maleficent, cruel season, you took away everything good from the snowpeople, you took away our hope and our joy. And the most stupid thing you did, was to believe that you won! Hah, you didn’t win yet. Remember, winter is always deadlier, but better; colder, but softer; heavier, but more useful. It builds up character and physical strength. Remember, we, the snowmen, know when to stop, where to head, and what to say. You have not won yet! There’s another winter coming next. And then there’s the time when we…!

and then he melts.

Yea, snowmen never have enough time to finish their speech, before the cruel, merciless heat burns them to the ground and proves them that the Sun always has the last word to say, when the Sun is at his home: the summer season.

Hey guys! Haha this was such a random article. I hope you enjoyed it, I tried to be funny lol. 

Question of the day: what is your favorite season? Comment your answer and don’t forget to like this article and subscribe to my blog! 😉


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