What I eat in a day, part 3

So here’s part 3 (and the last part) of the first series on my blog. If you haven’t checked part 1 and part 2 of these series just click on them and enjoy! Don’t forget to like this article and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already 😉

I know I’ve usually started with breakfast in the last two series, but I think now I’m just going to make a list of what healthy things I managed to eat since the last article. We’re going to start with foods on-the-go. These are the best when you are in a hurry or when you just have no freaking idea what to eat, or if your mom is gone or busy so you just stay there waiting for a godly miracle that some images of new type of foods will come in your mind, so that you won’t starve to death 🙂

  1. Toasted bread with cottage cheese (or any type of low-fat cheese), tomatoes and eggs19339783_774333916060394_1695695360_o.pngIf you’re insecure of the benefits of toasted bread instead of normal bread, check out this link. I’ve been trying to give up on bread, but it took the longest time as I can’t find any better options for going to school, but as it is currently summer holidays I can’t wait to ”cure” myself from this bad habit called ”white flour”, though toasted bread is better than nothing, and it also adds protein from that egg. This is also a good on-the-go food for when you’re hurrying up your meal.

        2. Salted biscuits with tomatoes, cucumber and cheese 

19264259_774333859393733_874995032_o.pngThis is something I’ve made up myself, but it surprisingly tastes pretty awesome! I’ve been loving the salted biscuits for a while, and I’m obsessed with combining them with spreadable cheese. It will not take more than 3 minutes to prepare all the goods.

3. Bruschettes 19359185_774334422727010_1003675322_oI think everyone already knows how to make this delicious piece of little heaven. It’s easy to remember: toast, garlic, tomatoes. Toast a bread, combine the garlic with tomatoes and add a little olive oil if you’d like, salt it a bit and spread on the bread.  There you go! A delicious on-the-go meal that’ll take no more than 5 minutes to make.

4. Waffles19340071_774334262727026_1518944106_oWe all love waffles. But if you add a banana and natural yogurt (up to 3% fats)  you will feel like you’re being served in a luxury restaurant. Though they have a little sugar, it will not matter if it’s less than 15g. I usually have this for an on-the-go breakfast and it’s absolutely amazing.

5. Vegetable pancakes with fruit19339897_774334249393694_1133015777_o.jpgThis is honestly the most amazing thing I’ve ever had for breakfast. These pancakes are filled with all kinds of veggies, baked on steam and added some garlic and yogurt paste above. Combining it with any fruits you like (I chose strawberries) makes it the best food you’ll ever taste. NOTE: These are Romanian pancakes. You can find the recipe here.

All of these on-the-go meals are amazing, but sometimes we need to just sit down and prepare our meal, carefully and patiently, without urging our time. For these times we need to make sure that our meals stay healthy, especially if we take more than 10 minutes on cooking them. Here are a few healthy-baked foods:

  1. Peas with baby carrots and fish19243827_774334372727015_1633049717_oI’ve been obsessed with this food for dinner. Just boil those veggies, prepare your fish meat (I usually choose salmon or herring) and add lemon to make it even tastier!

2. Cooked veggies 19263922_774334346060351_1114961838_oPick all the veggies you like (I chose zucchini, tomatoes, green and red pepper and mushrooms), cook them until they are well fried and there you go! I’ve also had chicken grill for that meal and I filled it with cabbage, cucumbers, tomato sauce and carrots. It is very tasty!


For before workout there are several things you can try. From whole grain toast + egg and banana with Greek yogurt to fruit smoothies and rice with broccoli, there are many particular things you can have for before workout. I’m only going to insert here what I’ve had for pre-workout the last day. 19264192_774333979393721_1107455697_o.pngA bowl with oatmeal, natural yogurt and banana slices is great for before workout, gives you energy and boost up your strength.

For after workout is necessary to have proteins, like banana, fruits, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt with granola, boiled eggs, chicken or fish, or vegetables.

At first I chose fruits, but then I felt like I’ve had too many for before and after so I was thinking more about a vegetable mix with eggs and corn. Both options are delicious and you really feel energized after a full 30 minutes of sweating like a pro! 😉


After a week of healthy eating I allow myself to have a little treat, a sweet thing, something that makes my heart rejoice, because I’m on a no-sugar diet so I never eat sweets before a week of healthy eating. 19349473_774334266060359_1904768353_oThis is a way of combining healthy with sweetie. Bananas, strawberries and chocolate syrup are the best! Of course, let’s not talk about that kinder-bueno donut across the street. I swear it leaves my mouth watery every time I think about it 😀LX52AHZxo7iUJR8mq8cX

If you liked this article please give it a star and comment if you enjoyed it! You can also share it so others could have more ideas of healthy foods and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already, so you get notified when I upload a new article! 🙂 Have a great day ahead!


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