A great experience!

NOTE: Dedicated to all the Dutch friends I’ve met this week, especially to Lisa, my Dutch girl 😉

This week was one of the best in my entire life! It was the first time when I took part of our school’s partnership with Calvijn College from Goes, Netherlands, and it was amazing! I was only sorry I didn’t participate in this earlier, but I promised to myself that from now on I will do this every year until I finish high school, and maybe even after that.

So like every year from the past 25 years, some Dutch students from Goes came to my homeland, Cluj, to spend a few days with their host-families. I was one of their host this time. I got to meet a very pretty and sweet Dutch girl named Lisa, with whom I hope I will remain in touch for many, many years from now on because she was awesome! The relationships I’ve built with their students and even with some of our students I think it’s irreplaceable. I got to talk with people from my school that I never thought I will ever be in a conversation with. I’m so glad I’ve done this!

With the Dutch people we’ve had many trips and a lot of fun! We went to Alba Iulia and saw a great role-play of a battle between Dacians and Romans, we went to the salt mine in Turda, up to Turda Keys among difficult roads, to the botanical garden in Cluj and of course, shopping! They were around 70 and we, the Romanians, were around 50, so we needed 2 big buses and a small one to fit. Sometimes we’d just be walking, if it was no far destination.

2017-05-13 12.36.21.jpg
the mighty Roman soldiers, representation in Alba Iulia, 5th May 2017

The road-trip on the Keys was one of the hardest things I’ve done, due to my leg problem (ACL injury)  but it was also super fun and a great opportunity to take some awesome pictures. 20170509_142432.jpg

Before we had to climb to the huge rocks, we had a huge picnic at the rock’s hem.

The food was great. We were surrounded by teachers, strangers and Dutch people, and we had so much fun trying to keep our mouths shut while we saw that our guests were the first who received the food. ”Guests go first”, they said. So we had to wait with our mouth watering there 😀

Turda Keys are awesome! I’ve never actually been there until that day, I only saw them from a long distance while driving around by car, and I remember I used to take a picture of them zooming in my phone to be able to catch it right. Now there was no need to do that, I could finally zoom out, because I was right at their feet!img_20170510_075135_739-e1494669305548.jpg

When we finished our meal, we had no other option but start our very difficult trip. When we got to where we had 300 meters left, we finally decided that it wasn’t so hard after all. But we had passed around 4 dangerous bridges, walked among big stones and between two sides of huge forest. Such great greenness.

After these trips we went back home, all the way tired and ready to sleep.

The Dutch had to leave on Thursday, 11th May, so for them we had prepared a huge party in the Wednesday evening. We had so much food and we were all so sociable that night. We were gathered in our school’s chapel and we sang, we talked, we clapped, we screamed and shouted of joy, we embraced our friends and we ate a lot!

I also got Dutch sweets from my sweetie dutch-friend! Thank you sweetie dutch-friend!😄❤ (the Stroop Wafels tho!😱)

The following day we had to be in our school’s yard at 7.30 am to bring our dutch people to their buses. We were all together in the big yard, Romanians and Dutch, waiting for the buses, talking with each other for the last time, hoping we will see each other again in a trip like this. After our principle and their amazing principle had their speech, the buses came. We had to help our friends bring the luggage in the bus and say goodbye to everyone. 20170511_081335.jpg

I almost cried when I hugged my girl and everyone else, but I kept the hope in me that I will go to Netherlands in September, with our choir team. It would be the best trip ever and I really hope I will go there, and around Europe too! They will let us know who’s going at the end of this school year, in June.

So that was it, my first experience with this partners. It was great to be involved in another culture and to be hosting a new friend; I can gladly say it was worth the tiresome, the struggle, the sacrifice, and I will happily do this again next year! 🙂


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