Top 10 cool things to do in summer

As the most perfect (and my favorite) season is getting closer day by day, I’m sure most people – especially teenagers – wonder what to do in the 3 months of laziness, sunbathing and relaxing atmosphere. I was wondering the same these days, so I got a paper and a pen and I wrote down my bucket list or to do list of 100 things for summer. Here I’m going to point out the top 10 of what most people love to do in this period.

1. Travel

Even if, for some people, traveling wasn’t always a choice because the lack of money, it’s still on the top of the list because it’s my favorite. If traveling was free, you’d never see me again. That’s for sure, and I keep saying that :)) Honestly, it’s what I love the most. But you can travel with just a few money in the pocket, too. For example, you can go in the nearest town or neighborhood or climb a hill you’ve never been on and get amazed by the landscape. Take shoots of everything you see and keep a journal with all your summer photos. Take a friend with you and with this you have the opportunity to socialize

2. Summer cleaning/garage sale

This doesn’t mean you are going to sale the garage, but you are going to do something even more gainful. Summer time gives you the perfect opportunity to go through all your old toys and clothes and get rid of what you don’t need any more. Instead of boxing it up and storing it for months in your basement or attic, you can put it straight into your garage sale and earn some extra money for Starbucks and water parks!garage-sale.jpg

3. Water fight!

It’s hot. You have a few friends gathered altogether with you and you’ve got nothing to do. You’ve got your garden or the nearest park there. What’s the solution? Water fight! Either with balloons – which can’t be too expensive – or just a big water hose (like those you have in the shower). This also works with bottles and buckets, and the bonus is you will have a bigger water jet going out! I promise this is a lot of fun, but make sure your phone or your camera or laptop is nowhere around, because you don’t want to turn your water fight into family fight =)water-fight

4. Picnic time!

Outside lunches are the best. It’s warm and pleasant, you can hear the birds singing and the dogs begging you to give them some treats. At this time, a picnic is a great idea. Gather some of your friends or family, make some food, put them all together, get a blanket and head out the door! Find a great green spot with peaceful ambiance and relaxing atmosphere and you’re good to go! (or to eat). Lay under a tree and enjoy the tasty meals, share the goods between you all and talk about nonsense. It’s a great way to relax and create a summer vibe!Picnic and hamper beside tree in meadow

5. Decorate your walls

During school time you are not in mood to do something like a big change or you may not have enough time, sometimes not even on weekends. Decorating your room the way you like is so beneficial even mentally, and it gives you a great feeling of freedom, independence and confidence. Try something in a single color, like blue, for example. Hang some photos with the sea, ocean, beach and surfing. You can stick photos with yourself dressed in cool clothes for a better mood. After all, it’s your bedroom, you can do whatever you like, in whatever theme you fancy! If you have a roommate or a sibling with you, negotiate with him/her and create an image you will both love, without

6. Make a playlist with the best summer hits

Even if it’s on your phone, a Cd or a stick, the best summer songs need to be put somewhere safe, so that when you want to remember the summer times you can just listen to those songs and you will feel great again. Here is a list with some of my favorite summer songs:

-”She looks so perfect”, 5 Seconds of Summer

-”Rockabye”, Clean Bandit

-”Don’t let me down”, Daya

-”Galway Girl”, Ed Sheeran

-”Love myself”, Hailee Steinfield

-”Drive”, Halsey

-”Slow”, Halsey

-”You don’t know me”, Jax Jones

-”Rude”, Magic

-”Thumbs”, Sabrina Carpenter

-”Feel my love”, White Lynx

-”Stay”, Alessia Cara

Once in a lifetime”, Johan Glossner

-”Closer”, the Chainsmokers & Halsey … and the list could go on =Dsongs_of_summer_header1

7. Swim with your clothes on

For once, don’t worry about your clothes anymore, you can wash them later anyways. Don’t think it costed you $100 or more, just lay it all down and get wild! Jump off a riff or a rock and get into the water. Take a boomerang on Instagram with your legs splashing all over =D It’s really fun!6134488902_582169b696_b.jpg

8. Make a ”day without phone”

It’s always addicting to stay on your phone too much, and when it’s bad weather, rainy or cloudy, I never feel like doing anything, so I just lay on my phone, checking out Instagram and YouTube for the longest time. Summer is a great opportunity to try a different thing and get rid of the addiction! You have all you need: sunny times, hot weather, warm wind and good vibes! Take a day off, put your phone behind or leave it at home and go out there and spread your wings to the sun and back! Do different kind of activities that you enjoy, like bowling or horse riding or even something extreme like parachuting (I love that!). Have fun for 24 hours and forget the little screen. Live life to its fullest!it_photo_123502

9. Breakfast in bed

How many times during school days you were just so lazy to get out of bed and do something, you wished you could have a kitchen in your bedroom, you wished your mom would give you food without you having to do anything, or you didn’t even have time to eat your breakfast before school? Well those days are over! Now you don’t have to hurry anywhere except from enjoying life. Of course it’s better to go outside in summer, but why not have a breakfast bed before anything else? You can have a mixed meal with strawberries or pomegranate, pancakes with ice cream on them and a cup of iced mochaccino. Try this recipe here. I’m sure you will love this! Just don’t forget to finish your breakfast and do something more productive after that; don’t remain in bed just because you love to relish your good-looking meal 😉breakfast.gif

10. The ”color run”

This is really awesome for those who love being surrounded by colors and like to get dirty a bit. Get some paint tubes (I’m sure they are not too expensive), have some friends that you can run with, set a target and until you get to that target ask other friends to splash you with the colors as you run. You can make a competition and set goals and gifts for the winners. Or you can just have a ”color fight” and splash yourselves with the paint. It’ll go out your body after all, don’t worry about that. And don’t be afraid to walk out like that, especially if you are with your friends; it’s something fun and creative so even if people will stare, who cares, at least you have the balls to do something new and innovative!event_262592782

Tell me what are your ”must-do” things for summer. Leave me comments with your plans, ideas or requests and I promise I will read and reply to all of them! I hope you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to like it and follow me if you haven’t already. Have a great day and an even greater summer!


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