What I eat in a day, part 2

Hello guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. I’ve been gone to another city for the Salem Conference which by the way was so fun and I’m just glad I took a few days off to relax, with my sister and brother-in-law too.

But now I’m finally back and I’m finally writing the part 2 of the ”what I eat in a day” series. If you haven’t seen the first article, you can click the link above! 🙂 Now let’s get started!


So as you may know – or maybe you don’t know – I like to have an easy-made breakfast, with proteins and goodies. This weekend I kind of messed up the healthy eating, but now I’m back on my feet and this morning I prepared my own very good omelette with vegetables (”veggie omelette” – here is the recipe). It was super tasty and consistent.2017-04-25 11.28.09 I also added some bananas to make a mixed meal, and then I added tomatoes to make the taste even better.

It didn’t last too long to make it. It’s actually super fast and easy. Eggs got protein and all the veggies just make it so healthy. I promise you won’t gain weight by eating this everyday :))

Another thing you can have if you want to switch meals, is a milk bowl with frozen fruits and oats. I’ve actually had it this weekend when I wasn’t home. It wasn’t bad, even though I didn’t add any sugar. Before I started caring for my body I used to add Nesquik, which is cocoa with lots of sugar. Or instead I’d just put some honey, but that is also super sweet, even if it’s natural. I kind of cut the sweets out of my list because I realized that without them I’m not as tired anymore, I have more energy and I also lose plenty of weight.

But sometimes I’m too lazy to cook so I just make a smoothie, usually green smoothie or banana smoothie. But now as the strawberries came in the season – I couldn’t wait! – I’m sure I’m going to make more strawberry and banana smoothies, with no sugar, though these are the sweetest fruits ever but, eh, they’re my favorites!


The lunch is so mixed to me most of the time. Other times I don’t even know what to have. I usually come up with an idea at the moment, I don’t prepare stuff in my mind a day before. That’s not so good, I know, but at least it’s super tasty! :p 2017-04-25 11.55.00This is one of the tastiest and best lunches I’ve ever had! It’s a veggie salad with green salad, red pepper (not hot), tomatoes and corn, with half an egg, tzatziki sauce and chicken grill. My sister made the sauce, but with no garlic this time (cuz we didn’t have any at that time), but it was good because I don’t like hot food/tastes. Everything tasted awesome and I wasn’t hungry anymore until late at night.

Another good thing for breakfast are muffins! They were made to be for breakfast, but they contain veggies and eggs and it’s really consistent, which makes it hard to eat for breakfast. But is a great deal for lunch! 20170219_102225.jpg

I only made a few, because It was just me and my parents so I didn’t have to fill all the holes. You can find the recipe here. It’s not hard to make and it’s very tasty and healthy!


Dinner is usually very good and it used to be my favorite part of the day. Now I think I like all of them. Dinner meals are very mixed and you can basically switch things easily when you are bored with just one type of food. But remember if you want to do some workout, wait at least 30 minutes after you’ve had dinner, so you won’t throw everything up.20170213_152310.jpgSo this is spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken grill. It’s honestly my favorite type of food. I would have this every single day if it was more ”allowed”. All pasta are rich in amidon (starch), the sauce is just great and the chicken is a bonus of animal protein.

All these foods are not bad at all, are also healthy and not hard to cook. Even while writing this I’m starting to feel hungry and gather my spit all together. That’s probably because I should have lunch right now.

So I’ve shown you all these meals now, but what about some snack?

This chips only contain vegetables and some fruits only. It’s basically very tasty and it can replace the well-known too salted chips we would eat everyday because it’s so ”good”. But it’s actually that good because of the plenty condiments they have. Your stomach will thank you if you eat this instead Lays or who knows what else. Also the fruit cake was a very deserved dessert. Even if I cut sweets, I’m still having probably a day in a week when I allow myself to have a little sweet treat.

So this was all for today! I hope you loved it. Don’t forget to like this article, follow me and comment if you enjoyed it or if you want to try some of these recipes, let me know how it goes 😉 Have a nice day and stay tunned for the next post!



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