What I eat in a day, part 1

This was an idea given to me by one of my good friends from school, about a week ago, and I just couldn’t wait to write it. I wanted to write it the last weekend but I got trapped in my excursion with my class (which by the way was amazing!) Check ou the big grocery haul for this instance: only healthy, almost no sugar and gluten-free stuff. NO CHIPS! This is such an improvement, trust me. Salted snacks never missed from my bag so far, and now I just got along with the peanuts and healthy chocolate bars, oh God..wp-image-291958895jpg.jpg

I know a lot of people are trying to start a new diet, to get fit or to just eat healthier, and all of us are struggling with cravings and lack of ideas – I use to have no idea what to eat the next day, especially because healthy food isn’t something my family enjoys, so it’s just me here in this fight. But this would be what I normally choose to eat in a day.


Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they are so right. But it’s really something that (for me) misses during school days, because I don’t have enough time in the morning to sit and eat. Instead I would just grab some breakfast on the first school break at about 9.00 AM. When I was little I used to have milk and cereals, but now as I grew older I wanted to try different things, and because I was at school I couldn’t carry any milk with me in my bag. So just a fruit salad works for me, or a veggie salad.


This adds a lot more protein to the body and allows you to double up your energy for that day. You can make the fruit salad with whatever fruits you find tasty. I usually prefer apples, bananas, pineapples, strawberries, orange, cereals/oats and yogurt to make it sweeter. For the vegetables I use cabbage/ lettuce/ red beans, cherry tomatoes, some cheese, sometimes corn, eggs and then I add condiments like salt, oregano and olive oil. These are just amazing and these 3 recipes don’t really miss from my everyday eating routine.

I have to admit that when I was on my trip I got very curious about trying some ”Instagram food” – you know those types of food you see on Instagram or on Youtube – and it turned out to be tastier than I thought. So here’s what I did: 20170401_090836

Green smoothie and a slice of bread with avocado, bananas and a little bit of chocolate syrup above. This wasn’t bad actually, though it was my first time actually trying avocado. I only knew I didn’t like it very much from the last time I tried a bit, but this time was a bit better. I put so much heart preparing this honestly!


Lunch should contain mostly proteins and veggies, but sometimes I add pasta and it tasted amazing.

The first one contains pasta, peas, cherry tomatoes with oregano and salt. This is more likely for dinner, but I simply love it and it’s also easy to take it to school. The second thing is also pasta with cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce which is awesome! But sometimes I would just stick to a bowl of chicken soup, if I haven’t eaten at school before.


Dinner is my favorite part of the day, because you can get veggies, proteins and carbs too. Green beg is the best, but you can have whatever you fancy. Chicken, fish, lean meat, brown rice or pasta and sweet potato are some of the options for a great meal.

I always love my pasta or rice with peas, carrots, corn and other good veggies. Among all these things, I sometimes have my usual cup of coffee – not really everyday, just when I want to relax from all the stress in that day – or a smoothie, with lemon or bananas (or tea).

So this would be mostly what I eat in a day (part 1, but more will come). I hope you guys enjoyed it! I really loved doing it and put so much effort in all these photos and everything. Love you all!



2 thoughts on “What I eat in a day, part 1

  1. You said a lot about protein, but I dont see any in the pictures you posted or in the meals you prepared.
    Hope to see more protein in part 2 of this post
    Xoxo ♡♡


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