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Waking up this morning realizing that I’m not as strong as I thought. Have you ever felt so bitter that you couldn’t go out and face anyone? It’s dramatic. I’m usually not like that. I consider myself a very optimistic person. But this just happened today…and I couldn’t go to church because I didn’t feel like facing people. I don’t even know where this shyness started. A lot of things started when I was 12, but this is more recent. It must have been for a year I think. I don’t feel comfortable with people. Though I feel a lot more better with dogs. It’s a passion of mine. The worst thing is when your parents don’t understand your situation and they don’t know that it hurts you too, and you actually don’t want to be like that, but you just can’t help it too much.

I don’t expect to write too many dramatic posts, actually I don’t wanna seem like a victimizer. Now, as I’m writing this and listening to my favorite rapper, Lecrae, I feel somehow better. I woke up having a green smoothie as breakfast and doing some fitness, and then catching up with my blogs. These and music are the things that make me feel so much better. GreenSmoothie21.jpg

Today is a 21°C temperature in Cluj-Napoca, the sky is a bit cloudy, which is probably the reason for my bitterness, but it’s getting sunny. I always feel like the weather takes so much part in my every day mood. When it’s cold outside I’m never happy. That’s why I hate winter. But in the moment I saw the first ray of sun, the first ray of hope, I was already starting to feel better. When it’s sunny outside, I put in my head that nothing and no one is going to destroy this mood. Sun means joy! At least for me, I know what I’m talking about.

Big tips for you: if you ever feel sad and you just don’t want to face anyone, do something you love. Something fun, that will drag you out of your negative feelings. Try something like easy healthy recipes (I swear I love this one here: ) or play with your dog, and if you don’t have one, do some exercises. If you don’t have a dog then take yourself for a walk. Lace up your workout shoes and put on your favorite hat ( how cute is this one: ) and go for a walk around your neighborhood! Walking is such a simple way to brighten your day. Or write down everything you have in your heart (that really helps me!) Your soul and your body really deserve to feel good. An at least once a day you should give your body what it needs, not what it wants. Like, when it requires sweets and carbs, give it some delicious smoothie instead (the green one is actually not that bad: ) Try to find something that makes you feel awesome even after a storm in your life. Think about the reasons to wake up in the morning. I, as a Christian, use to read from the Bible in the morning. I’ve been cheating for a while, but as soon as I started practicing this again I immediately felt a huge difference to my soul and even my body had to win from that!

So no matter what your obstacles are, you are worth the good mood! Give yourself a chance and find something useful that makes you happy. You can do anything you want! (as long as it doesn’t hurt you or someone else). The world is big and ideas are unlimited. You have plenty of good stuff to choose from. Take a moment and think about being happy today, about starting an organized lifestyle and a healthy one. I promise it helps a lot! tumblr_le3ebyd2ff1qbjt25o1_500_large



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