A great day!

Hello guys! Just wanted to share with you the things that I’ve done today. I won’t imagine someone actually cares, but this just comes from the love to write, but I also wish you will enjoy reading this article at least as much as I enjoyed writing it!

So today, me and my good friend had a long-way walk to Starbucks (and that was my second coffee then, no shame). She insisted she wanted to go to the mall to look for some clothes and I was like “oh okay, at least I can go to Starbucks and look for some turquoise shirt, too” which by the way was a real struggle to find! But I eventually managed to find something convenient!😄

The Frappe was amazing and my friend’s caramel taste was such a good treat on this super sunny day (of course I stole her drink later, but I haven’t eaten all day so I had a good excuse😁). There’s no need for me to tell you how much I love Starbucks and everything in their menu. When you walk in there and see those cups with the logo on it, made in different sizes, you can’t say you don’t feel rich! And I love to feel rich! I always believe Starbucks offers “coffee for rich people” and I have all right to believe that. Probably that’s why I feel so good when I go there and I just can’t stop taking pictures of me drawning in one of the blue fluffy chairs near the bar. It’s always an amazing feeling! Especially when you just can’t start drinking until you pick the perfect picture out of the 45 you took to post it on Instagram, and of course that’s what I did today (no shame, people weren’t staring for too long this time!) Thank God I was able to choose the winner of all of them (with some help from my friend though).

 So after we decided that a lot of people saw us and it was enough popularity for a day, we got our drinks and went inside for, guess what, more attention!😏

I know this sounds stupid, especially because a lot of people go there every single day and I barely go one time a week or not even that “much”. But not everybody affords it, and I get that. I wish people believed that you don’t really have to go somewhere everyday or do something everyday to be a big fan of that thing. And that’s what I am; a big, distant Starbucks fan with a coffee mug, and I’m proud of it!

So we were in the mall, robbing the stores to find a dress for my friend and a turquoise shirt for me to match my turquoise fancy shoes. It was a hard time indeed! We walked for miles to find that stupid shirt, and thank God I didn’t kill anyone in my anger. We were also in a hurry because I had to be home by exactly 6 pm and it was 5 and we were still searching…

So yea, I had a big adventure today, but at least it wasn’t in vain. And even though my feet hurt like crap from all that walking, I can at least be happy that I’ve reached my daily step goal and I did that wearing my brand new turquoise shirt!😁

Thank you all for taking time to read this and I’ll see you with the next blog! Have a great day/night!🌃

P.S. It’s currently 9:50 pm where I live, so good night, just in case I decide to grab my feet up and throw them into bed!😅


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