Do you ever…


Do you ever feel like there’s nobody who understand you, and it’s basically not you victimizing yourself, but just the other generation that doesn’t really feel things the way we do? I feel like it’s sad when we think something, we say something, we want something, and these things are nothing unusual, because adults have had those things too when they were our age. But one thing that they don’t know, is the way feelings and hearts changed over the years.
They might know more than we do, they might have been through a lot of stuff and they keep on telling us what to do as if they know better. It might be true. But when I talk to my family and try to reach to their thoughts, I realize something that makes me a little sad. No matter the experiences they’ve been through, they would always deny our emotions, as if they’ve never had any.

I feel like, whenever I listen to a song or I watch a movie, my emotions are awaken and strongly visible. But I don’t see this thing happening to the adults. Not even to those only 6 years older…

I feel like they’re likely to be more cold-hearted or “stronger” than us. But we learnt how to act strong even when we cry. We learnt how to hide our feelings when they overdwell. We learnt how to be silent when the only thing we want to do is scream out. And no, it’s not victimizing at all. It’s just the way our hearts are more sensitive than they’ve been in the past, and adults should totally understand this.

You can’t tell a child he’s useless and think he’ll get over it anymore. He will never be the same again. You can’t even tell him once that he is not capable of doing a homework, even if he knows that, he hates to be reminded that.

We are no weaker, no more predictable or anything like that. But the world is in constant changing. And I believe adults have forgotten this over the years. There’s something about us, who were born after 2000…something that makes us think differently, feel differently, be different.

It makes me sad to believe that they don’t really know how we feel after listening to music, after watching a touching movie or hearing some bad words. It makes me sad to see how they are only interested in our schooling rather than our education, or how they think they know everything about us, but they forget that times changed and we are no longer the same personalities. Do you ever feel with our hearts?…

I am only glad for those who are brave enough to catch up with our generation. It’s very encouraging for teenagers nowadays to know that some adults haven’t forgotten to feel with their hearts!…


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