One bad mood at a time…

Today was a very weird day… You know those days when you feel so bad about yourself that you don’t even want to think about yourself anymore? Well today was one of those days. I couldn’t even look in the mirror anymore. I felt bad for the way I looked, and I can’t say I’m doing any better now…

The sad part is that it is not the first time. Sometimes I have these moments when I hate myself so bad that I can’t look at myself. That’s why when mates send me pictures of me I urge them to delete them immediately! Because I’m in one of those moments when I hate the way I look and I can’t let anyone else see me. I feel like I can’t even go out because people can see me. It’s weird…

I’ve always been wondering if skinny perfect flat girls have this issue. I believe we all have issues, but something about them feels better than being overweight and ugly. I am in no way asking for attention and I don’t want to sound like a drama queen. I’m only glad I can share this with you guys. And maybe to let you know that if you ever feel bad about yourself, you are not alone.

We don’t have to stay like this, in this disturbing mood. We have to get back on our feet, sooner or later. Later works for me. It feels like eating is no longer an option and I’d rather be living out of leaves than add one more gram. I can’t stand seeing people and having to see them. My parents wouldn’t understand why I don’t want to go out, not even for shopping. I really hate myself when I eat! I feel like I shouldn’t eat anymore… but that’s killing.

I hope I will get better, what can I say; I’ve had enough of advices and encouraging words so those are not gonna work. The best thing that works for me is time. Time changes everything. And facts.

Well I hope you guys had a good day, stay blessed and enjoy life as hard as you can! Don’t be depressive for too long; it kills souls…


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