Something that makes you different

Today was a pretty rainy day. And as I was waiting in the bus station I realized I was the only one dressed in light pink and turquoise, while the others were all black and dark brown. It was a strange feeling and an awkward view, to be honest.

Not knowing why everybody thinks that winter is for neutral and dark colors, I just went out with light pink and turquoise, because the past days have been so sunny that I was too happy to be dressed sadly. I usually wear black because it makes me look thinner. But this time I felt like I had to be happier, not to seem thinner, so I chose some colors that would reflect my state of mind and my inner self. I didn’t mind the others. I just got some turquoise shoes and I love them! So why not?…

People tend to believe they have to be like everyone else to be cool. But they forget that being cool is actually a personal thing. If it is personal, then why to involve others, too? A wise man once said: “God created you an original and it would be a shame to die a copy.” I truly believe we can’t die copies when we are so beautiful being ourselves. In a society that changes moods like weather, that copys attitudes like students at tests, it is very hard to be different.

If you want to be remarked, be different! People are getting tired of the same sample of human being. When they hear something they’ve never heard before or they see some attitude they’ve never seen before, they will get curious and they will start following you. They will come like birds on a prey and you will be so excited that you finally made something up by yourself without “totally inspiring” from someone else.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have people following you than to be a follower? Or to be a model than to have models? Of course we are all looking for models in life, but when we spread our wings, we are finally able to become our own dream model!

So don’t be afraid of standing out and wearing pink among black-clothing guys. You will be the next topic of their discussion 😉

Love you all lots! :*


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