A great Monday!

Today was an amazing day honestly! I went to school, yes, but the sky outside was so clear and the weather so perfect that not even school could’ve made me feel bad.

After school I went on a different road with some of my friends, we bought our coffees and head in the Central Park to take some photos, to film and have some fun! You can check out on my instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/sidewalk.hypermoon/?hl=ro ) also you can follow me there too. It would mean so much! I promise I will accept all of you 😄

While I was in the park I met one of youtube’s superstars! His name is Mircea Bravo, he is originary from my city, Cluj-Napoca and I was soo excited when I said “hi” and he replied! It was so exciting. I’ve never met him in real life before, I only used to watch his videos on Youtube. He’s a comediant and he has some really funny videos out there.

So with the time spent with my friends I realized that maybe some days are too good and we don’t really deserve them. I felt like I didn’t deserve what it was given to me. But I was only glad I could walk freely on the streets, with no fear and no guilt, and I was able to have fun without feeling bad about it, at least once a time.

If you ever feel bad for having fun because you know some people can’t afford that from different reasons, I feel you. But you know, if you are free, stay free. If you are young, be young. If you want to jump around like crazy with your friends, do that without thinking of what people might say.

You were born a free spirit, and it would be a shame to live in the captivity of your own mind and ideas! 😉

I hope you had a great day just like I did. Stay blessed and don’t forget who you are!

Note: If you enjoyed this article please give it a ”star” and comment if you’d like. Also you can share this if you want others to see it and to feel encouraged to spread their happiness wherever they are! Love you all! ❤


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