Morning views!

I woke up to the bright rays of sun this morning and to my little dog, Ikki, who was gently dragging my hand off the bed while the sun shone on her little wet nose. Even her face seemed brighter this morning. And I knew why. It wasn’t just the rainy foggy day anymore, like it used to be in January, it was finally sunny and I finally had hopes for a better weather.

Whenever I see sun rays beyond clouds I feel like that is the sign of a new beginning, a new chance to start something over again and make it better than the last time. I feel so happy whenever it’s warm and pleasant outside, in the meantime I feel so sad when it’s cold and rainy. I could believe there is no one in this world waiting for the summer as much as I do! And I keep getting jealous on the fact that we have 4 seasons, while others (like Australians, Spanish, some North-Americans) have only 2 seasons – spring and summer! That’s like a dream come true!

Hoping time will go by faster and faster and it will stop when summer arrives 😀 But for now I can only admire this beautiful morning sun and think about the perfect day ahead, trying to be optimistic even in the opposite circumstances.

Have a nice day you all!

Woke up to see this little munchkin playing with her toy!❤

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