Guardian to the “pump”

I’ve realized in life that we have to guard our hearts more than anything else. Some people were made to protect us, like parents, friends, bodyguards… But our job is to protect our soul. You would think I am talking about boy-girl relationships. Well you are not totally wrong, but we won’t just point that out.

Loving someone is the best feeling ever. You feel safe, you feel important, you feel like there’s no one out there who could break your mood. And you are so right. I myself have experienced this feeling, couple of times..

What could be better than the thought of being the most important human being for someone else? You would do anything for that person, some of you might give away your family, money or life. But, let’s not exagerate, we are not living in movies. We are making them.

I have to guard my heart so hard because I get attached pretty fast and I am so sensitive that even one word or one touch could change my life and my mind forever! The heart is not just a pumping organ which helps our sanguine system. We must be so careful with it, so that no one will break it!

Oh, how great, how deep is the true love. And how hard it is to find it. He who gives it is so precious, and he who receives it is so blessed. Let’s hope this generation won’t reveal the end of what love truly means.


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