Silent sounds within the snow

The silence of the bus, with earphones on. That’s somehow relaxing. But in some way you feel strange. Like you’re tracked down. You don’t know anything about anyone in the bus and they don’t know a thing about you. It’s safe. But it is really? It’s weird… Looking out the window at the bored people walking hurried in the sound of the snow under their feet, in the blow of the cold winter wind. This season creates feelings of sadness. Is it just me? I don’t know. Sometimes quite is violent. I’ve tried to work my way out of here. I can’t. I don’t like this…silence. But I won’t take noise either. I’ve got to find a way in-between. When I have to walk outside in this crappy weather, the only thing I think about is how much I want summer times back. And yea, I really want them back… Is it just me? I was wondering…


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