Big talks

Today we are going to talk about…believing. Think about this: how do you feel when you tell something to someone but he/she doesn’t believe you, but you know that it’s true? It’s bad…I know. But the question is: does it really matters if someone won’t believe you? Even if you speak the truth, maybe they won’t listen. But the most important thing is God to believe you. And if you know that you are honest and you don’t lie, then who cares if people will believe what you say or not? At least you know that you are honest and clean in front of God. And don’t worry if people won’t believe you. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. But this doesn’t really matter that much. What it matters it’s for you to speak the truth!

So don’t waste your life trying to prove others that you are right. Because life is not about who is right or who is not. This is about what you say. It must be true. Don’t expect from others to believe what you say if not even you would believe them if they will say that thing. Maybe it’s something unbelievable. But nowadays miracles just happen. Unfortunately, for people it’s more important to succeed in convincing others that they were right, in stand of thinking about why they want others to believe them. Why is this so important? If that’s affecting your life, then you may try to prove yourself right. But if it’s just a temporary thing, then you don’t have to waste your time. Let people believe what they want. This is not the most important thing. Think about your life. Think about praying for them. And don’t worry about this, because if they won’t believe you even if you are right, then God will!

So you don’t have to worry about this. You just have to say the truth and stay tall! Don’t try to show off and prove your intelligence. At least be grateful that you can tell the truth. So don’t worry, be happy! 🙂


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