On the future steps

What do you do when you wish to be someone or something but you can’t because of some little things? Think about the marks at school. Maybe you wish to become something that needs a subject you are not really good at. So what are you doing then? If you really want to become that someone/something than you have to carry on and never give up! No matter what others will tell you. That you are not good or you will never be. These are lies. Don’t believe them. Everybody was born with a brain, but some of us just don’t know how to use it. I don’t want to believe that you are one of them…You got a brain, so use it! Don’t waste the time. You can only reach the point you want by practicing. Even if you have the worst marks at that school subject, put yourself to work and don’t give up! If in 1 year nothing will change even if you’ve been practicing all this time all the day and never gave up, it means that job is not for you. This is the truth, not everyone was born an Einstein. But even if you are not good at somethings, you are good in other things. So make your future plans after your hobbies and think about what you are good at. But you shouldn’t give up even if you believe it won’t work. Don’t listen to others. Just follow the strategy and practice! By practicing you will get what you want. No one can push you down, only if you allow them to do that. And also don’t listen when others are telling you that you are ugly or useless. These are the biggest lies I’ve ever heard, and unfortunately I hear them a lot. Everybody is beautiful in his/her own way. Everyone has a talent. No matter what others will say. They are just jealous. But don’t look at those who are better than you in one thing. Look at those who has nothing and try to help them or to help yourself to believe that you can be whatever you want! It’s not about school marks and exams. It’s about you! ”You could be the greatest. You could be the best. You could be the King-Kong banging on your chest. You can beat the world, you can beat the war, you can talk to God, go banging on His door! You can throw your hands up, you can be the clock. You can move a mountain, you can break rocks. You can be a master, don’t wait for luck. Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself!” (Youtube: The Script – Hall of Fame)


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