Being thankful is an opportunity

What do you think it means to be thankful? Only to thank someone who did something good to you? Have you ever tried to thank someone for doing you bad things? Sounds strange, I know. But how about thanking for something you don’t even have yet? It takes a really motivated person to thank for something he/she doesn’t has it still. And yet, there are some people who does these things. But I don’t want to talk about them now. I just want to talk about you now. You know, people are used to thank for the things they consider are big, like a good mark at school, passing the exams, reaching the top of the world, having the phone they always wanted…But these are material things. Have you ever though about thanking God for He has woke you up in the morning? For you have opened you eyes and you are healthy and you can see the wonders that are around you? You know, there are many people who can’t see because they are blind. They wish to thank God for giving them the opportunity to see, but they can’t. And yet, we can, but we don’t. Why?? Is it too hard when you wake up and you can’t remember that this is not your work and it was given to you with a reason? It’s too hard work to remember the One who makes your eyes open? The One who makes your hear beat? He can tell your heart ”stop!”…and He will one day. But now He is giving you another chance to be thankful. How come people forgot their Creator..?? They use to waste the time that it was given to them. The time is a gift. Like waking up in the morning, or opening your eyes, or being healthy and ALIVE. Your life is a gift. You better thank for the things you don’t have too, because who knows….maybe you will receive it. And even if you won’t, at least you will feel better and more thankful. Isn’t that a peaceful heart when someone say ‘thank you’? Don’t you like when someone is thanking you? Of course you do…Everybody likes that. So try to make others happy too. Not only yourself. You heart is relieved when you say ”thank you”. Or…when you say ”I’m sorry”. I know it’s hard thing to recognize that you were wrong, but it’s healthy for your spirit. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. Just try this for the next days and you will see that it’s worth it.


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