Harsh on the rules

Have you ever though about rules? About obeying them? You know, people nowadays don’t like to obey rules anymore. But why? I’ll tell you why…Because they became too free. Sometimes freedom is good. Good for the captive people, or for animals from zoo, but those who are used with the freedom they will think that this is something normal.Well let me tell you something. The freedom is a gift. Think about poor people who can’t say a word because no one will listen. Think about the prisoners which are stuck behind those fences. Yes, maybe they deserved to be in that place, but in fact, who doesn’t?

We are all some kind of bad people. Then we should all be under the jail. So now you will probably think ‘but I’m not as bad as they are’. Yes, maybe you are right. But does this really matter? Who knows what is behind that horrible action which someone does. We all deserve to be punished for what we do. And there are another kind of people who are trying to break the walls that were fixed in their lives. But why is that? Because they want more freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, to do anything, to be anyone, to think anyhow…So before you try to break the borders, think about why were they placed there! Everything in this world has been made for the best of all of us. But we can’t see that…That’s too bad. No one can actually force you to do something, but a world without rules is a cursed world! And those who won’t respect those rules are more cursed! So now don’t forget to ask yourself that question: why these borders were placed here?


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