Giving up

Today we will talk about…giving up. I’m asking you: how many times you gave up on something that you figured it out you can’t do it? How many times you didn’t give up..? One thing: if you want to have something, you must do something for having that thing, right? So then…why people give up so fast? Isn’t it strange? It’s like they say they want something really bad, but when it comes about trying they just give up. That makes me think they didn’t really want that thing as much as they said. But this is a problem. Humans became lazy, because when they want something they are just waiting for it to come in their arms. But it will never happen if they won’t do anything for that! Enough with the third person! Now I’m asking YOU: are you absolutely sure you want to take that risk for something you want from all of your heart? If you do, then don’t waste the time that it was given to you and do something. Fight for what you love, for what you wish. Fight for your dreams and never give up! No one can force you to give up! It’s all about choices! If you consider you don’t want to take a risk, they don’t waste other’s time. Just stay on your side and think about your life. What you are going to do today, is about your choices. One more thing: remember, we think more than we can do and we make mistakes more than we can believe. Everybody makes mistakes, but the difference is made between two types of people: those who give up and those who doesn’t. You better give up on stupidity and wake up! This is the real world! Not a game… The choices you make now, it will have real consequences forever!


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