“The Book of Your Face”

I’m watching people around us who are obsessed with likes on facebook. But one question: why? Are those likes helping you live a better life? Are they helping you getting better when you are sick? I guess no…Then why? You are fighting with others on ‘who has more likes’. But what’s the point of it? You should only “like” something to let the person who posted that you really enjoyed the post. You should not like something just for fun. Or okay…I understand, kids are kids, but at least don’t fight with others because of likes. This is pathetic! You know, people usually like something that sounds good in their mind. They won’t like something that is giving them life advices…because they actually know it is true, but they just don’t want to say it.. I won’t complain because I have less likes than Mr. X or Ms. Z…Why to complain about something that will not matter after few days? Listen to this: when you are thinking to do something or fix something that you believe is a problem, then ask yourself: in 5 years, will this problem matter? You know, if you want to help someone helpless then he or she will remember you forever. And he or she will tell others about what you’ve done too. So yes, this is something that really matters. So now that you know another important secret of living a better life, starting now think about why you want what you want. Hope you will make the right choice!


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