The most important thing

Bus stations: people are talking to each other about TV shows, politics, food etc. That means these are the most important things for them. At church: people can’t take 2 hours from their life just to listen someone who really has something important to say. They better look at Mr. X how his haircut is made, or at Ms. Y how she is dressed. That means these are the most important things: the outside. What I say: it doesn’t matter really much how you look from the outside, as it matters how you look on the inside. The parents are teaching their kids not to smoke, but they are smoking outside the house. They preach about being a good human, but they use their words to boast in something they don’t even believe in. If you can’t be a good example for others, how would you expect from them to be good humans? Children nowadays are the future. How we help them is how they will grow up. The most important thing for kids is to have someone who understands them and not judging them. What are you doing about this? If the most important thing for those people from the bus station is to talk about politics and who will be the next president, I’m asking you then: what is the most important thing for you? We were all born with a purpose. We all have a gift. We all have a talent. You can use it for good reasons or bad ones. The question is: what do you choose to do with the time you have..?


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