That’s how we change the world!

Have you ever asked: ‘Why there are so many poor people?’ Have you ever cared about that? The answer is: people nowadays are fighting for more money, bigger sallaries, higher experience. But the question is ‘why?’ Easy. Because they always want more. They never think about the others who won’t have money not even for a bread. Look at the africans, look at these poor countries like India, Nepal, South Africa, Vatican, Vietnam and more others. What are you doing about this?

Always complaining that you don’t have enough…What is enough to you?! When there will be enough? As soon as you want more, you will never say ‘it’s enough’, because you will forget about the ration and replace it with madness. A lot of poor and troubled people are standing right beside us and we don’t take a minute to help them! What had this world been transformed to?? We transformed it in a place where you better stay in mummy’s belly than coming out. Beacause we are afraid of asuming risks! Who will take that risk and asume it is a really good person, not the one who gives money to a poor and boasts in himself. That’s selfish! We should be not selfish, but selfless!
The prayer in an empty room, little things we do when nobody’s around, a hand reaching out is the smallest spark that can light the dark; that’s how we change the world!


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