The real you

You know…some of us need to stop hidding in the shadows; in what we don’t really are..Some of us need help in this and I am here for helping. None of us is perfect. Not even me. I can say that I am the biggest sinner I know so….yeah, nobody is perfect. But listen, there are some people who knows what are they saying and I am one of them. You just have to be yourself. No matter if people won’t like you, but at least you will be free! Don’t be afraid of what people can say about you. If they won’t accept who you truly are that means they are not your friends and they doesn’t worth you as a friend. Only a true friend will accept you as you really are:) Think about it! If you are hidding in the shadows, people won’t see you because it’s dark. But give them light! Let them know who you truly are! Take that risk and do it! Life is short. There’s no time to waste it in the dark..People want to see you! The real you!


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